Designed by renowned architect and resident of Buenaventura, Gustavo Arango, and built by the firm Ripard Holding, this project is characterized by contemporaneity, minimalism, and unique details, without losing the architectural style of its surroundings.

“There are dreams that are born from understanding that there is only one life and that the best way to live it is to take advantage of the best that it offers, which is Paseo Del Sol.”

With that invitation, this project is launched, located in the beach area next to La Marina, next to Velamar Village.

Inspired by the villas in South Florida, the design was born from the creativity of Gustavo Arango.

As the presentation of the project points out; “always innovating, always reinventing himself, always looking for ways to mimic dreams, with the desire and recurrent imagination of living the “belle vie”, the architect combines architectural virtuosity with a minimalist sensibility, using subtle details to highlight its volumes in an elegant way”.

Each condominium is well planned, its distributions perfectly analyzed and tested, created as a piece of art in order to take advantage of those precious views of the Pacific Ocean and those countless sunsets.

This project only has 24 condominiums facing the sea, from where residents can enjoy spectacular views in their private terraces and thus enjoy life outdoors with a warm and tropical style.

As Daniela Paredes, partner at Ripard Holding, developer and promoter of the project points out, “Paseo del Sol extends the family spirit that was born in Paseo del Mar -the group’s first and successful project in Buenaventura-, where the neighbors are friends and you can see everyone gathering in the social areas in this unique environment”