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With over 20 active children and a focus on beginners, Buenaventura’s Youth and Children’s Golf Academy is a hub for growth and learning within the golfing world.

Most of its students, aged between six and thirteen, began golfing just six months ago, yet some already consider it a way of life.

The academy’s group teaching approach, inspired by the renowned US Kids program, allows young players to hone their skills twice a week in sessions that emphasize technique, enjoyment, and camaraderie.

For Santiago Velázquez, “participation in friendly competitions is a cornerstone of the academy. These tournaments, tailored for beginners, feature shortened distances and modified rules to offer a less daunting entry into the competition. The results have been promising: in their debut tournament, nine academy members excelled across various categories, securing first- and second-place finishes—a testament to the institution’s effective educational approach.”

Preparation for these competitions eschews premature specialization to ensure a solid foundation across all aspects of the game. As Velázquez emphasizes, “From putting to driving, we aim to develop well-rounded skills that can be further refined as young athletes identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This philosophy was evident in the last tournament, where most participants experienced the excitement and challenge of official competition for the first time.”

In addition to external competitions, the academy plans to host internal tournaments starting in April, fostering further community cohesion and sportsmanship among its members. These internal events will provide children with another platform to gauge their progress and revel in the game within a supportive and camaraderie-driven atmosphere.

“The educational journey transcends mere sporting achievements. It serves as a life tool, teaching children to confront challenges and surpass themselves, nurturing physical and technical growth, and personal and social development. Here, golf becomes a conduit for instilling values such as perseverance, work ethic, and the importance of community,” concludes Velázquez.

The Academy warmly invites all children and parents yet to embark on this adventure, promising an environment where golf serves as a unifying force, educator, and catalyst for transformation. In this realm, each swing endeavors to traverse not only distances on the course but also within the lives of every young participant, providing them with opportunities to evolve, learn, and, above all, savor every moment of the game.

To join the academy, please contact us at +507 6361-2322 or golf@buenaventuragolfclub.com.

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