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We had the privilege of speaking with Diego Vallarino, CEO of Grupo VerdeAzul, about Buenaventura Rentals. He shared his thoughts on what differentiates the company from others and its benefits to both property owners and tenants. Let’s dive into the conversation:

1. What sets Buenaventura Rentals apart from other property managers?

   Diego Vallarino: Buenaventura Rentals is unique as it’s the only rental company that is part of the Buenaventura Group. Our deep experience in hospitality and real estate makes us capable of delivering superior service to our property owners and tenants. Our close relationship with the Buenaventura project, amenities, and Homeowners Associations gives us unparalleled knowledge of the place. This, coupled with our team of eleven field experts, ensures we deliver an exceptional experience to our clients.

2. How does the relationship between Buenaventura Rentals and Buenaventura’s developer benefit property owners?

   DV: Our direct link with Buenaventura’s developer means we’re deeply involved in the project’s overall vision and strategy. We understand the master plan and work towards preserving long-term investment value. We also provide unique access to Buenaventura’s amenities, which enhances the properties’ appeal to tenants.

3. How does having a field team impact the experience of property owners?

   DV: Our field team, with offices at the main gate and in Puntarena, ensures there’s always someone available to address property owners’ needs. Be it for maintenance, repairs, or preparing a property for new tenants, our team is always ready to act.

4. How does having a field team impact the experience of tenants?

   DV: Tenants appreciate a field team that can respond quickly to any questions or issues. Our team also helps tenants make the most of Buenaventura’s amenities, enhancing their experience further. Additionally, our team provides concierge services to tenants within Buenaventura, organizing their activities and coordinating amenities before their arrival.

5. How does Buenaventura Rentals ensure the protection and appreciation of investment in Buenaventura?

   DV: We focus on selecting the right tenants, from our roster of over 1,500, and maintaining properties in excellent condition to protect and appreciate investments. We are also careful with pricing to avoid a price competition that could decrease property values.

6. What’s the importance of the right type of tenants that Buenaventura Rentals handles?

   DV: Responsible tenants not only care for the property during their stay but also contribute to maintaining a pleasant and respectful community environment. This is vital for the long-term satisfaction of property owners and other residents. We aim for tenants who match the profile of the property’s residents, contributing to community harmony.

7. How do you see the future of Buenaventura Rentals in property management?

   DV: The real estate industry is evolving, and at Buenaventura Rentals, we’re at the forefront of this change. We want to facilitate foreign investment and second home investment in Panama by offering an efficient and reliable property management solution that provides a good return on investment. With Buenaventura’s long-term vision and our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, we’re well-positioned for the future.

8. Why should property owners choose Buenaventura Rentals?

   DV: Property owners should choose Buenaventura Rentals for our deep knowledge of the project, industry experience, attention to detail, and dedication to maximizing their investment value. Backed by the reputation and strength of Grupo VerdeAzul, they can trust that we’ll protect their long-term interests.


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