“My staff have the hands of an angel”

Ibeth Isaza, manager for the Corotu Spa, tells us about the reputation that precedes the wellness center and the challenges that the pandemic presented.  “On March 26th we were told that we were closing and we spent two months waiting to see what would happen. We had to reinvent ourselves which led us to develop […]

The Creating Center’s first anniversary

365 days have gone by since a new academic center opened its doors in Buenaventura and we could not be happier with the results.   How many children can learn and experience the world as is? Much of the learning process happens outside the building for students, not within a classroom. Young children are running around, […]

The turtle nursery, a new project to express our commitment to the environment

Buenaventura’s commitment to the environment was established during the first days of the project. Today it reached a new milestone, the opening of the first turtle nursery.  “Over the years, turtles have come to lay eggs on our beach. We have had approximately 26 spawnings and we always had the intention to follow through with […]

New Karate, Ballet and Racketball classes at the Sports Club

The sports amenity integrates these new permanent disciplines so that children and adults can enjoy together and as a family. “The community has grown so much that it is demanding more activities and we are offering them to them,” says Juan Pablo Aguilera AKA ‘Coco’, manager of the complex, with enthusiasm to be able to […]

The Buenaventura Zoo: An example of animal conservation in the region

The Conservation Center in Buenaventura, also known as ‘The Zoo’ has transformed into the largest institution focused on protecting and caring for animals. Working alongside authorities and other organizations, they rescue and create awareness about the wild fauna in the area.   “People are unaware of the size of the area until they experience it firsthand. […]

“It is our responsibility to be on duty 24/7”

Alejandro Rivera is one of the few that knows Buenaventura since the beginning. He is responsible for maintenance and administration of the PH and has spent the last 18 years making sure that the complex looks neat and radiant.  “I started working in Buenaventura in October of 2003. First I was in charge of common […]

Buenaventura Dental Studio

Susana Mitchell, one of the partners and a prosthesis specialist, talks to us about the concept behind the new dental studio in Buenaventura.  Buenaventura grows and continues to offer its residents all the necessary services for them to lead a calm life, without having to worry about going to the city to sort out their […]

Why choose Buenaventura Property Management?

One of the issues that we have focused on in Buenaventura is maintaining a high standard of upkeep for the common areas in the property to conserve the harmony of the space and elevate the value of the land we invested in.  The experience that we have as a group both at the real estate […]

Architectural Digest highlights Buenaventura

Architectural Digest, the international publication, one of the most influential in the world regarding design, architecture and lifestyle, published an article about the project, its amenities and of course, the quality of life that is enjoyed.  The Panamanian paradise that accompanies the sea. With this title, the AD magazine starts its article about Buenaventura in […]

Discover the Buenaventura’s new website

A LIFE TO ENJOY IN COMMUNITY. This is how the new webpage greets all its visitors, focusing more on presenting the lifestyle and all that has led to Buenaventura becoming a unique and unrepeatable space.  “Buenaventura is turning 20 years old this year. What began as an idea to develop a hospitality area has transformed […]