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There are a series of external variables that are causing the presence of street dogs to proliferate in Buenaventura. They come here looking for food but, above all, for affection.

Given this, the Buenaventura Administrator Foundation and the Community have come together to launch a program that seeks to provide a loving solution to the situation. Buenaventura Pets is rescuing, treating, and looking for a new home for these defenseless animals.

How does it work? Once rescued in Buenaventura, the puppies are dewormed, vaccinated, and sterilized (when possible) to receive all the love and care necessary when a family arrives to adopt them.

As was the case of Salty, who today brings joy to the entire family of Lorena Osorio, a resident of PH Laguna.

It is Lorena herself who tells a little of her story. “We found Salty, as my children called him, at the entrance to the Buenaventura school. He had already been in the area for a few days, and with the support of Buenaventura security, the rescue was carried out. We decided to allow Salty to live in our home until he finds his ‘forever home,’ it has been a wonderful experience. It fills the house with joy, and our children love playing with him.”

Lorena believes they will allow other dogs to find a permanent home once Salty is adopted. “Eventually, we will adopt too. We have been involved in the process of several rescues in Buenaventura, and all the puppies are friendly and loving. They have been vaccinated and sterilized to be able to give them up for responsible adoption.”

Responsible adoption is an excellent opportunity for those considering having a dog at home. When you adopt a furry friend, you allow them to receive the stability, care, and affection they need. Although some may be skittish or fearful, they have a capacity for gratitude that will fill you and your family with happiness.

If you wish to adopt adorable rescued puppies or simply want to support the work of Buenaventura Pets, follow us on Instagram (@buenaventura.pets) to stay updated on our stories and events.

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