Experience everything the Marina offers with Xtreme Adventures

Diego Rodríguez is passionate about the sea and adventure. After years of sailing the Caribbean with his boat, he settled in Panama over a decade ago, creating a business of nautical experiences that now uses our Marina to provide residents and tourists with memorable moments.

The Buenaventura Marina is undoubtedly the launching point for new sea adventures. From kayaking to boat trips for a day of fishing, there are countless activities to enjoy, making the most of the sea as a prime amenity.

“From here, you can do so many different things. You can rent a kayak or go paddleboarding if you want a peaceful plan. If you’re looking for more excitement, you can take a jet ski to the island or explore further. You can learn to sail a three-person catamaran to delve into the nautical world. We also offer fishing trips.”

For over a decade, Xtreme Adventures has provided safe entertainment to residents and guests of the Riviera Pacifica hotels. They use the Marina as a launching point, offering a wide variety of options.

“Buenaventura is unique. With our broad range of services, residents and tourists can enjoy even more of what it has to offer. The sea is beautiful, and experiencing it safely allows for different adventures without the need to own and maintain a boat or jet ski,” said Rodríguez.

A highly experienced group like Xtreme Adventures allows the community to organize customized experiences. “We have the infrastructure and equipment to cater to large groups, making it more fun for everyone. You can call your friends and plan a fun day at sea, whether diving, fishing, or simply enjoying the ocean views and experiences,” noted the manager.

Other services the company offers include renting ATVs, scooters, electric bikes, Valley tours, and surf lessons. “The idea is for residents to have a fun, organized, and safe experience so that they can truly enjoy their time without worrying about the details.”

To learn more about Xtreme Adventures’ services, visit their website at xtremepanama.com or follow them on social media @xtremeadventurespanama.


Todo esto hace de Buenaventura el destino perfecto


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!