More than a reservation system, Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management is an entire ecosystem of services that provide peace of mind by keeping properties up to date, and if the owner wishes to, includes the property into the rental system where a group of professionals manages it to maximize profit.

“In Buenaventura, residents can forget about repairs and maintenance because we have a qualified team to meet the needs of the community. Clients can choose to make any repairs to their homes just by contacting us and, in return, have the peace of mind that characterizes Buenaventura. We coordinate the entire process from start to finish so that they can enjoy everything that Buenaventura offers from its beaches, restaurants, sports areas, and events”.

Engineer Abdiel Peralta, the new administrator of Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management, summarizes the promise for each unit.

Buenaventura Rental & Property Management launched 4 years ago to provide a professional property management service responsible for the maintenance and promotion of properties affiliated with the program, always complying with the highest standards of Buenaventura.

Today, in these new times when “tourists” are looking for new experiences, our responsibility toward residents and the community is to maintain that “standard” and security within the complex.

Program Benefits


A revenue management tool offers a fair base price for the property offered.

Inventory process before and after occupation. Collecting payment from the tenant in case of any incident. If payment fails, Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management assumes the cost.

A cleaning, maintenance, and plant inventory team that can provide quick responses and solutions to any problem that the tenants or the property may have.

The program gives the guest a superior experience unmatched by other platforms starting with the Welcome Kit and exclusive access to Buenaventura amenities.

Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management maintains permanent contact with the tenant, giving them the rules of conduct and penalizing them if they break any.

If the payment fails, Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management assumes the cost.

An investment created to promote the system and the properties available.

Currently, Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management manages more than 50 properties, receiving around 1,500 reservations, with an average occupancy rate of 57%, disbursing an estimated $400,000 to owners enrolled in the program last year.

We are working to transform Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management into the best rental alternative in Buenaventura, understanding the impact it has on the business and the well-being of our residents.