In the care of the Buenaventura gardens for the past ten years

Cuidado de los jardines en Buenaventura

Suppose there is something that impresses any visitor to Buenaventura. In that case, its gardens and green areas, which are always well-groomed with species, beautify and adorn each social corner of the complex. And practically in every square meter is the hand of AGICO.

“Agico began operating in 2014 precisely because of the need to professionalize care and improve the quality of the gardens with a company based in the Buenaventura project itself,” recalled Miguel Marín, the company’s manager.

A company that operates with 80 people dedicated to the care and maintenance, not only of the social areas of the complex but also of some properties and the vast majority of the PHs through meticulous work.

AGICO has numerous profiles within its team, such as; an agronomist, irrigation technicians, heavy machinery operators, a mechanic, and a large crew of gardeners who carry out weekly work plans according to the needs of each area.

Work at the service of residents.

Agico’s service is unique. First of all, for having all the infrastructure in the Buenaventura project itself with a great variety of machinery, technical and human resources.

Then there is the experience on the ground. Understanding very well the type of species that best adapt to the climate and the peculiarity of the area, controlling irrigation at all times on the ground using the water resource efficiently, and being aware of the type of pests that can affect the plants.

“This is how we have earned the trust of the community and our customers,” Marín said. “Being able to offer a quick response time, efficiency, and trust. The gardens are part of the private space of the houses, and nobody likes to have strangers inside their property; that is why our team is made up of people who have gone through a whole hiring process and understand very well what the work methodology is like “.

Another point to highlight is the flexibility of the services it provides. From maintenance to garden construction -even working hand in hand with landscapers-, going through preventive inspections to pest control. The important thing will always be that the space is healthy, seeking the viability of the garden in the future.

Miguel comments, “We have even developed a nursery for palms and certain trees that allow our clients to make changes and improvements in their gardens. We develop and maintain irrigation systems, which are critical for garden maintenance in Buenaventura. The type of climate and grass determines the mowing frequency”.

If you wish to receive a free preventive evaluation of your garden, do not hesitate to call 6978 6248 or write to so the AGICO team can contact you.

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!