“My staff have the hands of an angel”

Ibeth Isaza, manager for the Corotu Spa, tells us about the reputation that precedes the wellness center and the challenges that the pandemic presented. 

“On March 26th we were told that we were closing and we spent two months waiting to see what would happen. We had to reinvent ourselves which led us to develop a new relationship with the community,” highlighted Ibeth Isaza, Spa Manager. 

The reason simply being that people ‘trust’ their stylist or massuouse who has worked with them for years. When faced with the restrictions in the city, most people had to take a ‘leap of faith’. 

“A lot of people would say, ‘Ibeth, does your staff know how to cut hair? I normally get a haircut in Panama but since everything is shut down, I need to find options.’ Our team has professional stylists that slowly gained the customers’ trust and today, those same people are still coming. They also bring their family,” she confirmed. 

Ibeth first came to Buenaventura approximately ten years ago. With experience in the Coronado area, she came to “try and keep trying’. The truth is that it is a beautiful experience. The area around the spa is one where people feel a lot of peace and tranquility”.  

As she points out, people come here for wellbeing and she is extremely proud of her team. They are the ones that provide the peace and tranquility that the customers are looking for. 

“My staff has the hands of an angel. The therapists give off a good vibe and this is what our customers perceive. There are some that visit once a year and when they come back they immediately ask for whoever worked with them the previous time. Or hotel guests come after they receive recommendations from other guests asking for the short masseuse that gives massages, as they smile and tell us about the reputation that the spa has acquired.” 

As the world goes back to normal, Ibeth continues to follow strict biosafety measures. But overall, she makes sure that her Spa keeps the good vibes and energy that precedes it. 


For more information: 

Phone number: 6613-8048

Email: spaconcierge@buenaventuraresort.com

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!