Property Management: “Buenaventura is a great investment opportunity in Panama.”

What began as a beach project 20 years ago is today the most complete amenity-based community in Panama and Central America. A variety of real estate developments for all tastes, but above all, a community that already reaches a thousand families, including Panamanians and foreigners.

“Buenaventura is also an investment destination. We are seeking to be a place of reference only by mentioning the name Panama,” says Adrián Arias, VP of Investments at Grupo VerdeAzul.

“Buenaventura is known by many guests and visitors for its spectacular hotel facilities; but it also has a wide range of properties for all tastes, becoming that meeting point between hospitality and well-being of the entire community”, he said.

With the evolution of tourism, where more than the stay the guest is focused on the experience, Grupo VerdeAzul saw an opportunity where it can perfectly combine two of its great skills: hospitality and real estate. Thus, Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management was born.

This rental and property management program seeks to offer residents the peace of mind of having a team responsible for the maintenance and administration of their property and, in turn, guarantee guests who come to temporarily enjoy the amenities, a stay with the Buenaventura standard.

“The standard is key in our management. The modern guest wants to stay in a residential unit rather than a hotel. You want to enjoy as if you were at home with your family but with all the comforts of the hotel and the amenities of Buenaventura.

No other rental platform can provide the level of access and service to the guest and, on the other hand, assure the owner that in the event of any incident, someone will respond”, Arias stated.

This service is being requested especially by foreigners who see in Buenaventura a great investment opportunity; taking into account, for example, the value of the square meter compared to other properties with similar footage in similar communities at the international level and the stability that the country provides.

“We seek to convert Buenaventura into that first contact for someone who dreams of investing in a beach property in Panama and who at the same time wants to get to know the country.”

Adrián continues his vision by pointing out that “we are constantly adding value to our residents. We are currently evaluating and implementing various smart home mechanisms in search of making the entire property management process even more automated, ensuring safety and energy savings.”

They can take for granted that they have a large work team that makes having a property in Buenaventura the best investment. The results and feedback from our community is showing us that we are heading in the right direction, but most importantly, both guests and owners can trust that we work every day to raise the standards of care and service we offer.

Few places in the region offer as much commercial and destination value as Buenaventura does for its guests, residents, owners and visitors. Buenaventura definitely offers a high-level experience, for all tastes, from the most adventurous to those seeking more tranquility, and a large part of this is due to the entire professional team that seeks to guarantee the best experience, but above all, the best investment.

To learn more, go to or request information from Laura Morales, Manager at Buenaventura Rentals & Property Management, at

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!