The Conservation Center launches a sponsorship program to raise awareness within the community.

“Our purpose is to encourage our community to take care of our fauna, to know it, respect it and understand the importance of each species,” said Ana Morán, in charge of the center.

For years, the Buenaventura Fauna Conservation Center has played a fundamental role in the fauna of the area ensuring that the animals have a safe place for their survival.

Currently, each of the species that live there has a recreation of its habitat, thus trying to ensure that children can learn about it and above all that they understand the importance of caring for it. Encouraging initiatives to attract attention is always a challenge however the best comes come from the community. 

“The idea came about through a conversation with a resident, who currently keeps some pigeons under our care and is delighted by the attention given by our staff to her animals,” recalls Ana.

With that in mind, the Conservation Center team began to shape the program trying to align it with the mission of creating awareness within the society and helping to conserve the fauna.

“That is why this plan is not focused on any particular species. The idea is that people can learn more about the species that we have in our Buenaventura conservation center,” said the manager.

BVA: What is the sponsorship program about? Will it be permanent or does it have an end date?

CC: “The main initiative of the sponsor program is to encourage people, children, youth, and adults to understand the importance of caring for our animals and helping our wild and domestic fauna. The plan has no end date, our purpose is to constantly encourage our society to learn more about animals and their care”.

BVA: What benefits/incentives does the plan provide?

CC: “The “Adopt” program has the benefit of creating unique experiences for our sponsors, as well as encouraging other people to learn how to care for our animals.”

 BVA: What message does the conservation center seek to convey with this campaign?

CC: “The message that we want to make known to our society with this campaign is to provide the necessary knowledge so that our Panamanian fauna does not become extinct; creating environmental responsibility and at the same time that our animals can live together in a society that cares about their well-being and promote that our endangered species need a safe and warm place for their survival.”

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!