The tournament that began as a small initiative to bring together the community of foreigners residing in the country became a sporting, gastronomic and cultural event.

In recent days, the first edition final of the Expat League organized by Buenaventura Golf Club for foreigners residing in the country was held. The league had 5 initial rounds, summoning 120 golfers per round. To be eligible for the grand final, the requirement was to play at least two dates.

The tournament was played in the Net and Gross categories, with the winners being:

Net: Mike Curley

Gross: Gary Wilson

“The Expat League was an experience in every sense. Sports, gastronomy and music. We thank each of the players who played each of the dates and are already invited to the next league. We also thank the sponsors who supported the event such as Lina Corporations, Air Europa and Buenaventura Rentals”, said Álvaro Venegas, Manager of Buenaventura Golf Club.