Buenaventura’s commitment to the environment was established during the first days of the project. Today it reached a new milestone, the opening of the first turtle nursery. 

“Over the years, turtles have come to lay eggs on our beach. We have had approximately 26 spawnings and we always had the intention to follow through with this project,” Alejandro Rivera mentions as he takes us around the project. 

When you reach Martini Beach, you can find a nursery that the PH team has installed with strictly defined procedures to ensure that the birthing process is safe for all turtles. 

“Coincidentally, over 400 turtles have already been born. If they come out during the day we have to collect them, place them in a basket with sand until all of them hatch and then release them at sunset or evening because they use the stars as geographical reference and then we can protect them from predators,” he added. 

Rivera is grateful for Lic. Jaen from MiAmbiente; a person who approached them and gave them all the necessary guidelines to build the project and educate the security staff on the protocols to try to increase the survival rate. 

“Turtles arrive to the beach and our security staff is attentive all 24 hours. They take the eggs to the nursery where they gather them in a grid area – that measures depth, size and number – and the spaces are defined according to turtle species. They are then tagged and the countdown for their birth begins – between 40 to 60 days,” continued the professional. 

This is how when the day comes, the team is ready to collect them to free them at night, the best time for the turtles to return to the ocean. This is our commitment to the environment.