“We have to think about the safety of all our residents”

Eugenio Vergara came to work in Buenaventura eight years ago and has seen not only the evolution of the community, but also that of the mules that drive through Buenaventura today. Aware of this, the PH has launched new Traffic Regulations that regulate and establish fines for the misuse of these vehicles.

“I remember that shortly after arriving in Buenaventura we took in about eight teenagers for careless driving and we trained them all and explained the dangers generated by careless driving. And believe it or not, they became the first people to later tell us who was violating the regulations of the moment”, says the Head of Security at Buenaventura.

Although there were several parents who were surprised by the measures, they later understood the reason. “The safety of the community comes first. Everyone’s, not just a few. My job is that there are no incidents of any kind, ” he pointed out.

For him, teaching is the key to generating awareness in the community about the use of this type of vehicle while also taking into account population growth.

“The mules today are not the same ones of eight years ago. They have increased the speed, the motor capacity and they do not drive the same. Buenaventura cannot be transformed into the management school of the beach, because with the substantial increase in residents -permanent and occasional – today in the complex, security becomes a key issue for our sustainability in the future”, stated Vergara. 

This is the fundamental reason that the Board of Directors and the Administration of the PH Buenaventura created a new Driving Regulation for ROV’s (Recreational Off Highway Vehicles and which include motorcycles, ATV’s and RTV’s) whose fundamental purpose is to unify criteria, rely on the national laws that currently govern, define a norm and enforce it for the good and safety of all of us who travel through Buenaventura.

As of January, the new regulations will be executed and all owners of these vehicles must fill out a registration form with the PH, which makes them aware of the regulations for driving and using this type of vehicle and makes them responsible for any damages to the vehicle or damages that their vehicles may cause.

One of the most important aspects of this new regulation is the age of use of the vehicles. As stated in point 4 “All drivers must be at least 16 years old and carry a driving license issued by the Authority of Land Transit and Transportation (ATTT). Otherwise, the concierge and security personnel are empowered to stop the vehicle and put it in a safe place at the service checkpoint.

The head of security is blunt when it comes to giving an opinion about the regulations and the mules. “We have had minor incidents. Most of them because drivers do not have driving experience and break all universal traffic rules – speed, caution, skill – which puts the safety of all residents at risk.”

“The owners of these vehicles must understand that we live in a community. And as such they must abide by current regulations and we will be strict in its compliance. We can no longer see children driving these high-displacement machines, or children on their parents’ laps behind the wheel, or people in the cargo trunk. If the same manual of the vehicle indicates it as a prohibition, why should we accept it?”

Mr. Vergara makes a final reflection before concluding. “An oversight can cause a tragedy. Our task is that they do not happen. And for this we need the community’s help.”

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!