A new traffic regulation for ROVs: concerned about everyone’s safety

As of December, a new traffic regulation begins to take effect, which along with other initiatives which are created with and for the community such as the friendly lane, seeks to harmonize the use of the roads but, above all, to give safety to all who reside or visit Buenaventura.

Since last November, the new Buenaventura traffic regulations were implemented, with the idea to seek security for residents and visitors.

“We believe that the evolution that the ‘mulitas’ have had and the growth of the community merited a revision of the regulations to be able to unify criteria, define the norm and enforce it for the good and safety of all of us who pass through Buenaventura,” said Eugenio Vergara, Head of Security.

All owners of ROV’s (Recreational Off Highway Vehicles which include motorcycles, ATV’s and RTV’s) must fill out a registration form with the PH, which makes them aware of driving regulations and the use of this type of vehicle and makes them responsible for damages or losses that their vehicles may cause.

The purpose of the regulation is to create safety in the use of the roads, as well as raise awareness among drivers and adults responsible for the use of vehicles. Today the dynamics of the project have changed and hundreds of families are permanently residing or visiting Buenaventura. And the regulation applies to everyone equally.

“It is extremely important that we raise awareness as a community on the issue of the use of these vehicles and the danger they can cause when they are misused. In the future, we do not want to regret any event that could put the safety or lives of our residents at risk. The Buenaventura roads are not intended as race tracks, but rather for the quiet transit of people, bicycles and cars that move within the urbanization” added Vergara.

Check The Traffic Regulation Document

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