Buenaventura Training: Fostering a Conscious and Safe Community

For several years, the Buenaventura Administrator Foundation has been conducting the Safe Community campaign to raise awareness among residents and collaborators about crucial topics relevant to Buenaventura. This initiative includes training sessions where experts discuss various areas of interest.

This year, we have conducted training sessions covering road safety, first aid, recycling, and wildlife awareness.

First, “Road Safety” focuses on transforming Buenaventura into a safer community. Along with the Road Education Foundation, training is provided to prevent traffic accidents. The Buenaventura Administrator Foundation, utilizing its Security personnel, oversees and implements measures against unsafe behaviors, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or the irresponsible use of mobile phones. New traffic signals have been installed to enhance road safety in the area.

The “First Aid” training has been carried out in collaboration with the Panamanian Red Cross, focusing especially on caring for children. Although Buenaventura has medical services, residents must acquire basic knowledge to provide immediate care in emergencies before the arrival of professionals.

In the environmental field, the “Recycling for Children” workshop seeks to promote environmental awareness in the community in association with TrashForma. The participation of the entire family, including the little ones, is encouraged to promote environmental responsibility. In addition, the installation of a new clean point accessible to the community is planned.

Finally, the workshop on “Wildlife Management in Buenaventura” seeks to teach residents how to coexist with local fauna. With the collaboration of Mi Ambiente Coclé, guidelines are provided on how to interact with wild animals, and the adoption of dogs and cats rescued in Buenaventura is promoted through the Instagram initiative @Buenaventura.pets.

These trainings not only strengthen the safety and well-being of the Buenaventura community but also foster greater awareness and responsibility around crucial issues that impact both the environment and daily coexistence.


Todo esto hace de Buenaventura el destino perfecto


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!