Criollo’s latest culinary offering

A few weeks back, Gustavo Borja, the recently appointed Director of Food and Beverages at The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort, emphasized the need for authenticity in the culinary offerings. He expressed the importance of revaluing our culture through historical insights, research, and diverse influences, stating, “We are collaborating with the entire team to achieve this.”

The initial trial for this approach took place during the November holidays when Criollo unveiled its new menu, featuring a selection of dishes that represent local, national, and international cuisine, creatively reinterpreted by the entire team. “The response from diners was exceptional,” remarked Borja.

1.- The Afro-Antillean influence: Bocatoreño Prawns

Bocatoreña roots converge in a homage to Afro-Antillean flavors in this rich, moist coconut rice. The prawns are cooked in coconut residue, giving rise to a flavorful sauce, resulting in a fusion of tastes and techniques that render it one of the region’s most emblematic dishes.

2.- 100% Local Flavor: Otoe

This tuber bears notable similarities to cassava, sharing its distinctive texture. It is the protagonist of this unique dish. Cooked and then parboiled, it is later fused in the pan with olive oil, Iberian ham, garlic, and white wine. The outcome is a dough adorned with crispy sea bass and drenched in an exquisite seafood sauce crafted with the distinctive flavors of bouillabaisse. This dish encapsulates the regional essence by integrating elements such as tubers, fish, and seafood, becoming a delicious representation of the hotel’s culinary identity.

3.- A delicious Sirloin with Rice and Pigeon Peas

This pork tenderloin is prepared on the grill and enhanced with a sauce made from its own bones and red wine. It is served alongside soupy pigeon pea rice, which provides essential moisture to counteract the possible dryness experienced when cooking meats on the grill. The crunchy texture of Iberian ham plays a crucial role in releasing its juices and oils, resulting in a combination of flavors that transforms this dish into an exceptional culinary experience. The team’s research work is thoroughly reflected in the use of pigeon peas, even incorporating crunchy pea kernels prepared in both the oven and fryer, contributing to the success and conversation around this dish.

4.- Reinventing Cocoa

The team has meticulously conceived a dish that redefines the boundaries of the gastronomic experience: the entrails are lacquered with an exquisite cream made from cocoa and chocolate, accompanied by a sweet potato puree infused with passion fruit, orange, and honey. This dish is a symphony of intense flavors, carefully balanced to coexist harmoniously in each bite. This dish proudly reflects our connection with cocoa and elevates the essence of reconnecting with our roots.

5.- Flavors of the world: Limeña Traditional Causa

In our pursuit of delivering extraordinary culinary experiences, we’ve elevated the classic Lima causa to new heights. This dish, filled with lobster tail and adorned with tobiko caviar, stands as an exciting representation of Peru’s vibrant gastronomic culture on the global stage.

The causa, recognized as an emblem of Peruvian cuisine, has been masterfully adapted into our cuisine. We have faced significant technical challenges adjusting to local characteristics, such as higher starch potatoes. However, we have created a homogeneous product of exceptional standards by applying advanced techniques and rigorous testing.

This dish stands out not only for its exquisite flavor but also for its position as a true icon, a star, and a flag of the rich Peruvian culinary tradition.

6.- Flavors of the world: Chicken Curry

An innovative fusion of Panamanian and Middle Eastern influences, this dish presents a chicken curry with a zesty mango Chaney served over basmati rice. The intricately crafted curry unveils a symphony of flavors enriched by delicate hints of chili chombo. This culinary masterpiece caters to the discerning tastes of our patrons who seek and appreciate the global diversity of cuisine, blending cultural nuances to unite ingredients and techniques from various culinary traditions seamlessly.

7.- Flavors of the world: Loin and White Truffle Carpaccio

Crafted as a manifestation of freshness and sophistication, this dish has captivated the taste buds of our patrons, emerging as one of the most sought-after selections. Its distinctive character and international acclaim position it as a culinary masterpiece recognized worldwide. The meticulous technique employed in its preparation adds an extra layer of intrigue; the loin is sealed and packaged, followed by precise slicing using our sausage slicer at the perfect moment, resulting in an exceptionally refined presentation. Undoubtedly, this dish has secured a coveted spot on our menu, not only as one of the most favored but also as a source of exceptional satisfaction among our diners. We anticipate it will continue to be a focal point of conversation throughout the year, thanks to its meticulous execution and the gastronomic experience it promises to deliver.

8.- Flavors of the world: Peruvian Lomo Saltado

To conclude, the restaurant pays tribute to Peruvian cuisine with its rendition of Lomo Saltado Peruano. This distinctive version incorporates local root vegetables like yams and otoe, complemented by fried plantains. Demonstrating the team’s adeptness at blending local and international flavors, this adaptation of Peru’s most iconic dish promises an authentic and delectable culinary experience.

For those seeking an elevated gastronomic experience, Criollo’s new menu extends the perfect invitation to savor delightful moments with exceptional cuisine. Click here to secure your reservation and embark on a culinary journey.


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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!