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Since its opening, the Marina has expanded the options it provides its residents and has become the place where Buenaventura embarks and disembarks at sea. In addition, today it is an amenity with complete services and activities so residents and visitors can enjoy it.

“We put together a fishing trip with some friends. We left Panama on Friday afternoon. When we arrived in Buenaventura, we prepared the boats with everything we bought at Felipe Motta. We filled the coolers at the Marina and left at 5 in the morning. When we returned at 5 in the afternoon, we filleted the fish and passed it to Manuel, the owner of the Chiringuito, and he made fish fingers with fried plantains. The best part was that I went back to my house to sleep”.

Stories like Arrigo’s are a common factor all weekends. However, fishing is only one of the many adventures that can start at the Marina. Since its opening in 2019, this space has evolved and created a unique ecosystem with Buenaventura’s DNA.

“Today we provide comprehensive services for owners of boats and jet skis. We also create experiences so that residents and visitors can enjoy all the options that the sea offers in all areas: tourism, gastronomy, and sports,” said Emilio Lau, the administrator.

Like most of the Marinas in the Pacific, Buenaventura allows permanent entry and exit with medium tides, and the largest boat has a draft of 34 feet and 20 thousand pounds. In addition, due to its geographical position, it is an intermediate point to visit the islands -since it is equidistant from the Las Perlas Archipelago, for example- and some of the best fishing spots in the country.

The team led by Emilio has a “Boat Care” program that provides regular clients of the marina access to washing and maintenance services so that once they arrive, they do not have to worry about a thing. Likewise, in the next few months, the construction of the roofs for the current Dry Stack will begin and improve the current ones.

“Services are important to attract boat owners. Another important factor has been the consolidation of a community of jet skis. Today around thirty owners take advantage of the marina’s security to enjoy their jet skis and the wonders Cocle’s coast offers. Jet skis make it easy to enjoy the sea,” added Lau.


The main focus is the experience

The Administrator knows that the success of the Marina lies in complementing the service platform with a good range of experiences.

For this reason, the objective was to bring the community closer through a series of activities that give it visibility and position it as a place where different experiences are organized.

One was the Marina Expo, which took place on May 1st. A day when residents and people who live in the area were able to learn about everything that the marina has to offer. El Chiringuito accompanied us at the event with a Tapas tasting and Tznetatos with different liquors.

The Chiringuito at the Marina is one of Buenaventura’s new gastronomic offers. Chef Manuel Gómez presents Spanish food with more than 50 different options, “we can even go to cook at the house of the person who requests it” as he told us in his article.

“Today, the Marina is the entry and exit to the sea in Buenaventura. We have a series of complementary services through different operators. We can organize fishing tours with a 29-foot sport fishing boat with all the necessary implements or jet ski outings with more than ten state-of-the-art units available to go out in a group. In addition, we can also boat for tourist outings or parties on board, “said the administrator.

Everything is set for you to enjoy everything that the Marina offers.

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!