Much more than an ice bath

However, this method is much more than that. It is a training based on three fundamental pillars: cold water, meditation, and breathing techniques, with great benefits for the mind and body.

Yimmis Farfán, a certified instructor who will give the workshop on July 22 in Buenaventura, witnessed these benefits when he started practicing the method.

I have a friend who developed an autoimmune disease after being bitten by an insect. He started regular medical treatment, but his energy levels were different. Someone introduced him to this method, and his health improvement is evident.

Seeing the changes, Yimmis, a financial consultant for startups in Mexico, felt attracted to the method, its practice, and its benefits. He started doing the breath work and immediately saw the effects on my physiology. This is a practice that becomes a habit and has fantastic benefits.”

He quit smoking, anxiety levels dropped, and physical resistance increased. “I found a balance,” he commented.

BVA: What can people who attend the Buenaventura workshop expect?

YF: We talk about many things in the workshops, especially the scientific part behind all this and how changes occur in the body. This is so much more than just getting on the ice; it is straightforward. It has three pillars: breathing, mental focus, and exposure to cold, which, when combined, generate a series of benefits for the mind and body.

BVA: Could you name a few?

YF: Learn to regulate states of anxiety and depression, strengthen the immune system, fill yourself with energy and be in a much more stable state of mind, and learn to regulate shock events through breathing, which is the primary practice of the method. We understand that oxygen is not one of the primary sources of energy that we require to operate in a better way. We have grown aware of the importance of feeding or hydrating ourselves, but we have never grown aware of breathing.

Suppose we are aware that breathing in a good way can generate many benefits because life will be different. And that is exactly what we see with practice; we teach people to breathe consciously.

BVA: Who is the course for?

YF: For everyone. The only contraindications are for pregnant people because there is not enough developed science to understand what can happen to a human being in formation. It is not recommended for people with epilepsy to participate, and people with severe cardiovascular issues should consult their doctor. We’ve had people aged 13 to adults in their late 80s.

BVA: Any prior indication for those who want to participate?

YF: They all arrive by email a few days before. Put simply, and they include watching a documentary about the method and not eating certain foods before the workshop. And, of course, come with the best spirit to learn about this practice and its benefits in the short, medium, and long term.

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