The sports amenity integrates these new permanent disciplines so that children and adults can enjoy together and as a family.

“The community has grown so much that it is demanding more activities and we are offering them to them,” says Juan Pablo Aguilera AKA ‘Coco’, manager of the complex, with enthusiasm to be able to offer new alternatives for the family.

Buenaventura Sports Club has one of the best sports facilities in the country and is constantly organizing activities so that residents and the surrounding community can have a good time practicing sports.

“We usually had basketball, tennis and swimming lessons. Now we have increased the activities a little more. We include karate for the kids, ballet, and racquetball. With this, plus the camps, tournaments and bargains that we frequently organize, we want the community to be able to gather around sports, ”said Coco.

For more information: 6833-3122 / 6415-8333