Reforestation and preservation….

These are the key concepts when talking about how trees are one of the pillars in the development of the ecosystem of the flora and fauna of Buenaventura. Remigio González talks to us about the history and the impact these have had on the environment.

If there is something that characterizes Buenaventura is the different species of trees that coexist in it. There are scenarios as instagrammable as the hotel’s Corotú or the ones that give Hole 4 green a unique majesty.

Nothing is left to chance. As Remigio González, Superintendent of the golf course points out; “All of this was done and requested by the engineer Alberto Vallarino at the beginning. A plan was made to look for trees that provide a lot of oxygen while respecting the native flora of Buenaventura; trying to preserve it and multiply it.”

Thus, from the origins of the project, there has always been a purpose of awareness of the environment in which we live. To cover the property, red and white mahogany trees were chosen given their characteristics of oxygenation to the environment, their robustness, and the amount of shade they provide.

Today, in addition to the Caobo and the Corotú, there are other native varieties such as the Nam Tree, the Guayacán, the Nazareno, the Cedro Espino, and the Guasimos. The latter is very important in soil conservation and preventing erosion.

“Each tree plays a role in protecting the ecosystem. Our vision is that we must do everything in our power to preserve the ecosystem and be able to mitigate the effects of climate change,” stated the manager.

And a lot of work has been done on the care and preservation to make it the most environmentally friendly place. No pesticides or insecticides are used that affect them, they are treated only when they have a disease and there is a scheduled pruning that allows them to filter the air through the branches and prevent diseases or harmful insects from sticking.

BVA: How has all this impacted our ecosystem?

RG: “Since we have trees and plants inside the property, we are creating a different climate. What is another climate? Another climate is where the sun’s rays do not hit us directly because we have many trees that protect us from the sun, and on the other hand they provide shade on the floor, which creates another environment and another temperature.

The Buenaventura ecosystem is being transformed into an invitation for fauna to live here. Different types of birds and animals are arriving from places that are being deforested. For example, here in the mahogany tree, we can see squirrels. Here we are creating a different fauna environment and we can coexist with it”. 

The conservation of the ecosystem is done through processes that take care of a number of details that are sometimes unimaginable. For example, guasimos are trees that grow in mangroves and help prevent soil erosion. Beneath their roots, a microclimate develops with species that are important for the ecosystem.

How do you know this is well done? His answer comes with an example that may seem common at first glance, but that he clearly understands its importance. “When you see the fauna that arrives… and you see a duck with all its young around the water and they don’t migrate, you think ‘I think we are doing a very good job. It is the best satisfaction”.

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!