Electric mobility now in Buenaventura

With the installation of the first two chargers by the Evergo company, Buenaventura fully enters the era of electric mobility, ensuring the supply and peace of mind necessary for those who want to travel from the city in their cars.

The biggest challenge for electric mobility today is that of the charging infrastructure. One of the companies that work hard in the development and implementation of chargers at the regional level is Evergo.

Created in November 2020, today the company has more than 500 charging stations throughout Central America and with expansion plans to Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. Of those, 54 are distributed in Panamanian territory.

“Soon we will do a road trip from Panama to Boquete in a Porsche Taycan, which will take us approximately one hour longer than in a traditional combustion vehicle. At that time, around lunch, we will take advantage of recharging at one of our stations”, said Norberto Cusatti, from Interenergy Group.

Evergo knows that one of the weak points is access to chargers. This creates fear among owners who prefer to leave their vehicles in the city. The lack of clarity about where they can charge, the operation, the type of connection, and the loading time are some of the most recurring concerns.

For this reason, the company has created an app, which first tells the user where the recharging stations are and, even, allows them to trace the route from the beginning to their final destination.

“With this app, you can know all the charging stations that exist along the route, if they are active and available. In the second phase of the app, people will be able to reserve their charging station. This gives you peace of mind of knowing where, when, and how to recharge”, Cusatti pointed out.

Thus, together with Evergo, Buenaventura continues to work on sustainability and reaffirms its commitment to the environment.

About Evergo

  • Evergo is the most advanced and sophisticated platform for electric vehicle charging stations in the country.
  • Our mission is to create a network that allows you to get where you want, in a sustainable and reliable way, moving us towards a more environmentally responsible future.
  • Evergo is a brand with a presence in the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Jamaica. Achieving expansion to Mexico, Aruba, Paraguay, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, and Spain.
  • We have +500 charging stations installed.
  • Our charging infrastructure has prevented the emission of more than 376,565.38 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!