5 Experiences to Embrace in Buenaventura (which you most like were unaware of)

Let’s get to know some of them (and yes, in future newsletters, you will learn more)

1. Mixology Workshop in Palapa

In Buenaventura, what truly stands out are the signature cocktails. Every element here serves a purpose, especially in accentuating local flavors, from choosing liquors to selecting ingredients.

How about gathering with friends to learn the art of crafting a great cocktail? Reserve this experience at Palapa with its skilled bartenders and unravel the secrets of local ingredients as you craft your perfect cocktail. Once done, savor your creation with friends in a unique setting brimming with authentic flavors.

 2. Body Scrub Workshop at Corotú Spa

Indulge in a specially curated moment of relaxation designed to explore, understand, and harness the properties and benefits of minerals. Immerse yourself in a unique experience guided by our spa experts, and you’ll discover the art of crafting your homemade scrub to pamper and rejuvenate your skin. This one-hour session promises to leave you feeling refreshed and radiant.

3. All You Can Play Candy Cabana

Are you looking for a fun and distinctive way to celebrate a birthday? Candy Cabana and GÜT have the perfect solution. Revel in two hours of boundless fun with arcade game tokens at the preferred destination for children and teenagers. This delightful experience is guaranteed to leave all guests happily entertained.

4. “Catch N´ Eat” at Mansa

For fishing enthusiasts, Mansa offers a distinctive experience called “Catch N’ Eat.” Following a day of fishing, unwind as Mansa’s chefs skillfully prepare your catch of the day, accompanied by your choice of two sides. This culinary adventure lets you savor the fruits of your day at sea with friends and family for only $25 per person.

 5. The Famous Chinese Box at Home (Mansa)

Are you considering hosting guests at your home and wondering how to delight them? Indulge in an explosion of flavors with the renowned ‘Caja China’ or Chinese Box, a delectable fusion of oriental culinary influences with a Panamanian twist that captivates locals and visitors. Available for orders with a minimum of 15 people, relish with a feast featuring pork belly sandwiches, baby back ribs, prawn skewers, roast chicken, entrails, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and yuca al mojo.

Curious to discover more of what Buenaventura has to offer? Stay tuned for more details coming your way soon!


Todo esto hace de Buenaventura el destino perfecto


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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!