“We want the Sports Club to be a social and well-being center in the broadest sense of the word”

Lucas’s passion is sports, tennis and soccer, to be exact. He came to Panama as a teenager due to family reasons and has been here since.

He first joined Buenaventura as part of the staff of teachers who impart lessons for the tennis academy. “I took the ITF courses, and then, when the padel project came to fruition, I took the Padel MBA coach certification to expand the class options for club members a little more and to reinforce my knowledge,” said Lucas.

As of August, he is responsible for directing the Sports Club with a clear objective: to expand the development of sports activities in Buenaventura.

“My job in the medium term is that the Sports Club becomes a social center where the community not only comes to practice sports, but they stay longer, and this becomes a true sports community,” he commented.

For this, they will focus on generating communication channels with the community and promote activities that allow them to socialize and expand their reach with permanent residents and weekenders. 

“The key is to develop innovative and permanent activities and see how we can provide other types of services so that people can spend much more time here. Many people come on weekends with an agenda of activities, and unless they have a party set up in advance, it will be difficult for them to change their plans. But if we manage to organize the activities in time, we can already be in their plans during their stay, “added Delachat.

The new manager also wants to integrate the club into this new concept of well-being. “Taking care of yourself is part of practicing sports, and we also want to take care of that. Having physiotherapists on our team who can provide sports massages or nutritionists who may be working with our community on issues of hydration, nutrition, and the necessary to find a balance”.

An essential part of its management is the development of activities with other amenities in Buenaventura. “We are in conversations with the Marina and the Hotel to do more joint events, promoting healthy living and, of course, taking advantage of everything that Buenaventura can offer its community,” he concluded.


Todo esto hace de Buenaventura el destino perfecto


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!