Five years with a new strategic vision

“In my opinion, today there is a much more community-oriented administration towards the needs of residents who are looking for high-quality services.” In this way Víctor Concepción Peren, General Manager of the Hotel, defines the strategic vision with which his team works to achieve every day.

For a growing community of permanent residents, quality services will always be needed. Especially now that many people take advantage of remote work to live for longer periods in Buenaventura.

“Without a doubt, the community grew post-pandemic and the fact of having a permanent school shows it. A clear example is that today in Taikai we regularly have 30 to 40 diners on a Monday, something that did not happen in previous years,” said Concepción.

The connection with the community goes beyond gastronomy. It is complemented through a series of services offered with the ‘Buenaventura standard’.

“The residents like the standard of the hotel very much in a series of services that we provide such as laundry, cleaning, catering, maintenance, and even babysitting. In general, the resident calls us or asks us to train his people so that they learn to do things ‘like in the hotel'”, added the manager. 

The main reason is that the staff has constant training and a high-quality standard expectation, Concepción points out. In addition, they have already passed quite a few filters through the human resources department.

“This is a fundamental added value for the resident. We offer is security from every point of view. Starting with the arrival at the scheduled time to the quality of the service and care that will be provided, including having the person who goes to the home identified. These are important details that our residents appreciate and have them calling us whenever they can, ” he commented.

To explore any of these services you simply have to contact the reservations department (9083333) so that they can contact the people in charge and coordinate with you.

The ‘Buenaventura standard’ is not only experienced in the hotel but also, in your property when you need it. “We have everything here. You only need to coordinate 24 hours in advance allowing enough time to receive a response for any request”, concluded Concepción.

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!


If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!