The evolution of The Creating Center

The Creating Center officially opened its new facilities in Buenaventura a few months ago. The hotel rooms gave way to a complete building -located next to the Sports Club- where the educational community works according to the innovative educational proposal of the school.

The Creating Center proposes an educational model that takes the best of the traditional and perfects it through a philosophy that promotes learning through creativity and knowledge in a unique and world-class space.

It is born from the vast pedagogical experience of its director, Marilú Salvador. For the Center, the academic aspect is just as valuable as the emotional development of the students, or as she explains, “it is the internal engine that allows and helps you learn academically and this is why our goal is to focus on promoting the talent of the children. Designing learning routes around them. In the traditional system, professionals are called teachers, in our method, they are called facilitators who guide the student in their process and teach them to learn”.

Starting its third year of operation, The Creating Center has managed to form a community of people around the education of children. There are those who believed in the project from the beginning and those who are recently joining. “For us, it is important to be in constant contact with them. To know what they think and to make decisions that always include their points of view. In addition, they have helped us a lot to grow the vision of the school towards the future”, she commented.

Education changed. The pandemic transformed the model. Distance and virtuality were normalized. And this is being capitalized very well by The Creating Center.

“For example, our High School students not only have the teachers here, but they have highly qualified teachers, through our strategic alliance with Edmentum, who are not only teaching the subject but using the methods they are going to experience it in a university classroom”, declared Marilú.

The Creating Center evolves every day with a modern educational proposal designed so that the student can be independent and understand and enjoy their learning process.

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If you are interested to learn more about Fairways Panama. Contact an advisor now!