“We work every day to provide our guests with different options.”

Chef Rumaldo, Mansa’s head chef, always has new ideas in mind. He analyzes the menu, sees what people like the most and what new flavors he can incorporate. He thinks of the best way to surprise them with new culinary experiences that are the perfect excuse to have a good time. “What I like is […]

Criollo presents a new gastronomic experience

More than a new menu, The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort restaurant is presenting a whole new gastronomic experience based on local culinary tradition, incorporating international elements so that diners can enjoy good food.

Four faces of sport at the Buenaventura Sports Club

Many sports coexist in the facilities of the Buenaventura Sports Club. These first-level facilities are provided for the community to enjoy practicing sports. Today we want to introduce you to some of the professionals who work here.

The evolution of The Creating Center

The initiative that began in the midst of a pandemic has a consolidated educational offer with a community of more than 60 students of all levels from 14 different nationalities.

Miguel is back to Buenaventura Golf Club

For those who do not know him, Miguel was the General Manager for the Golf Club for approximately four years. During his tenure, the Latin American PGA tournaments were organized and the Buenaventura fairways began to gain international recognition. “I was very surprised at how Buenaventura has evolved. The community that has been formed and […]

La Contenta prepares to receive sport fanatics

Step by step, La Contenta has gained a space among the residents of the community. With its taco bar concept and refreshments, it has given Buenaventura’s wide gastronomic offer a casual and fresh touch. It is the ideal place to ‘arrive’ to and relax with friends. Known especially for its tacos and coffee, this space […]

Discover everything that the Marina has to offer

Since its opening, the Marina has expanded the options it provides its residents and has become the place where Buenaventura embarks and disembarks at sea. In addition, today it is an amenity with complete services and activities so residents and visitors can enjoy it. “We put together a fishing trip with some friends. We left […]

Summer dining options

One thing that distinguishes Buenaventura from others, is the number of gastronomic options that exist for residents. For all tastes and palates. But, what are the dishes and drinks that are trending this season? The team led by Victor and Adrian gave us the answers. The summer season progresses and the restaurants of Buenaventura are […]