Meet Santiago Velázquez, the new Golf professional

Santiago Velázquez, el nuevo profesional del Golf Buenaventura

Santiago came across golf by chance when the soccer team he defended – playing as a goalkeeper – went to a club to participate in a tournament in Colombia (his native country). He strangely looked at the players practicing and thought this must be easy. It only took him three ‘practice’ swings to realize how […]

A year of activities that impact the community: Zoo

“The awareness process begins when visitors first come. This space is our means of connecting to create ties between humans and different species, especially through our tours. Our visitors learn about how these animals came to the zoo and why many can no longer return to nature,” says Rossana, the zoo’s activities agent who organizes […]

A world-class tennis camp

Enthusiasm is the best adjective to define the experience that tennis players of all ages had with the Equelite teachers, the academy of former world number 1: Juan Carlos Ferrero.

Buenaventura expands toward the west

Continuing with the master plan outlined a few years ago, Buenaventura begins a new process of expansion and land development to the north and west of the border with the Río Chico.

A world class tennis camp

“We are happy to have a world-class Academy here in Buenaventura for the second consecutive year. The experience that the team of coaches from the Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy brings is enormous and it will surely contribute a lot to our players”. The words of Juan Pablo Aguilera, director of the Buenaventura Sport Club, reaffirm […]

“We work every day to provide our guests with different options.”

Chef Rumaldo, Mansa’s head chef, always has new ideas in mind. He analyzes the menu, sees what people like the most and what new flavors he can incorporate. He thinks of the best way to surprise them with new culinary experiences that are the perfect excuse to have a good time. “What I like is […]

Criollo presents a new gastronomic experience

More than a new menu, The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort restaurant is presenting a whole new gastronomic experience based on local culinary tradition, incorporating international elements so that diners can enjoy good food.

Four faces of sport at the Buenaventura Sports Club

Many sports coexist in the facilities of the Buenaventura Sports Club. These first-level facilities are provided for the community to enjoy practicing sports. Today we want to introduce you to some of the professionals who work here.

The evolution of The Creating Center

The initiative that began in the midst of a pandemic has a consolidated educational offer with a community of more than 60 students of all levels from 14 different nationalities.