Buenaventura Pets

There are a series of external variables that are causing the presence of street dogs to proliferate in Buenaventura. They come here looking for food but, above all, for affection. Given this, the Buenaventura Administrator Foundation and the Community have come together to launch a program that seeks to provide a loving solution to the […]

Our proposal will be authentic cuisine

“We must be more authentic in the culinary proposal, assessing our culture through history, research, and influences. We are working with the entire team on all of this,” he commented initially. Proof of all this is more than 30 papers posted on the wall of his office with new dish proposals that highlight the use […]

Learn and have fun recycling.

trashforma buenaventura

Trashforma was born to use recycling in Panama City for social and environmental transformation. Today, it is a crucial partner for recycling management in Buenaventura. Since the beginning of the program, more than 23 tons of material have been collected, and the goal is to involve the community and residents much more in the task. […]

More than five tons of waste recycled this 2023

The Buenaventura PH and Trashforma have been working together for almost two years to implement the recycling program. Together they have managed to raise awareness in the community. Discover the figures here.

In the care of the Buenaventura gardens for the past ten years

Cuidado de los jardines en Buenaventura

Suppose there is something that impresses any visitor to Buenaventura. In that case, its gardens and green areas, which are always well-groomed with species, beautify and adorn each social corner of the complex. And practically in every square meter is the hand of AGICO. “Agico began operating in 2014 precisely because of the need to […]

Anglers get their boats ready for the second Trusted Advisors fishing tournament

There was a lot of expectation for the first tournament and they were all fulfilled. The Buenaventura Marina hosted an event in which 30 boats, 136 fishermen, and more than half a thousand people participated actively in the closing event. “A resounding success and much of that success was due to the support of sponsors […]

An engaged and safe community

Our community continues to grow and evolve. There are already many permanent residents who inhabit the properties and they are coming up with new initiatives to get to know each other and get involved with their environment. In recent days, a call was made by the Kiwanis Club to launch the Beach Chapter and begin […]

Buenaventura adds new recognitions to its records

In days gone by, The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort was certified as an Excellent Place to Work in Central America in 2022, as voted by its employees. “Great Place to Work” identifies the best workplaces in Latin America by surveying more than 1.5 million Latin American employees on key factors that create a great […]

Buenaventura is safe

“Ten years ago, tourism development in the area was not like what we have today. We still ventured to create this company with an American type two ambulance that could assist people in the area.” This is how the story of EMTS begins, the company with which Arturo Villarreal provides emergency ambulance service to the […]