An engaged and safe community

Our community continues to grow and evolve. There are already many permanent residents who inhabit the properties and they are coming up with new initiatives to get to know each other and get involved with their environment. In recent days, a call was made by the Kiwanis Club to launch the Beach Chapter and begin […]

Buenaventura adds new recognitions to its records

In days gone by, The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort was certified as an Excellent Place to Work in Central America in 2022, as voted by its employees. “Great Place to Work” identifies the best workplaces in Latin America by surveying more than 1.5 million Latin American employees on key factors that create a great […]

Buenaventura is safe

“Ten years ago, tourism development in the area was not like what we have today. We still ventured to create this company with an American type two ambulance that could assist people in the area.” This is how the story of EMTS begins, the company with which Arturo Villarreal provides emergency ambulance service to the […]

A committed community

Kiwanis has been in Panama for more than 50 years and has become one of the most recognized social organizations in the country. Today there are 28 clubs throughout the territory, bringing together almost 500 members who fulfill their mission: to work with people and organizations to develop strategies and activities in order to improve […]

Buenaventura expands toward the west

Continuing with the master plan outlined a few years ago, Buenaventura begins a new process of expansion and land development to the north and west of the border with the Río Chico.

Dunas, the summer spot in Buenaventura

The way to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the beach has changed. Dunas officially opened its doors to the entire community and residents and guests immediately transformed it into their favorite spot to enjoy the sunset with good music, cocktails, and partying.

Buenaventura is preparing for summer

“Your safety is our responsibility.” The slogan clearly expresses the purpose of the PH administration: to take care of each person within Buenaventura. At times with imperceptible actions such as the permanent presence of the ambulance that to date has treated more than 350 people and referred 15 patients to the nearest medical centers. “We […]

A harmonious and relaxing space for residents

Opening the door of the Spa is enough to begin to feel a different energy. The kindness that emanates from each of the people who are at the reception is only the first step toward what will come later. The Corotú Spa is located in the heart of Buenaventura and it has also earned a […]

Works on the main road

Since last summer, the PH Administration has been implementing a campaign called “Safe Community”. An initiative that seeks to socialize and raise awareness about the norms and regulations and the importance of respecting traffic rules within our space. With good results during the high season, the campaign is active again, especially now that the widening […]