“We have to think about the safety of all our residents”

Eugenio Vergara came to work in Buenaventura eight years ago and has seen not only the evolution of the community, but also that of the mules that drive through Buenaventura today. Aware of this, the PH has launched new Traffic Regulations that regulate and establish fines for the misuse of these vehicles. “I remember that […]

The Tennis Fest

The courts of the Buenaventura Sports Club prepared to receive the instructors of the Rafa Nadal Academy and, together with the students registered in the different categories, experienced an intense week of high level tennis.  Buenaventura dressed up to receive the Rafa Nadal Academy for the first time. The Sports Club courts were witnesses to […]

A new traffic regulation for ROVs: concerned about everyone’s safety

As of December, a new traffic regulation begins to take effect, which along with other initiatives which are created with and for the community such as the friendly lane, seeks to harmonize the use of the roads but, above all, to give safety to all who reside or visit Buenaventura. Since last November, the new […]

Summer in Buenaventura

Summer will always be the most fun season of the year. weather, the environment, the people. Everything, absolutely everything comes together to enjoy, relax and spend great moments with family, friends and the community. The sun’s rays begin to illuminate the morning and a different atmosphere is already perceived. The breeze blows and the athletes […]

Punto Limpio: our commitment to the environment

To raise awareness and generate a change in attitude towards the issue, Buenaventura, together with the Felipe Motta Foundation, have been implementing a recycling program for years that invites the community to deliver their classified waste to the Puntarena Punto Limpio. On February 28, 2018, the first official delivery of recycled waste was made by […]

Trick or treat

An entertaining Halloween celebration event was held on October 31st, where children put on their best costumes and gathered at Meneo3 Halloween is one of the most anticipated dates for children to go out quietly to knock on the doors of houses and say “Trick or Treat!” Last October 31st we witnessed the best scares […]

Troy Vincent: the man behind the Buenaventura golf course

A few days ago our golf course was once again recognized as the best in the country. We decided to write to Troy Vincent, the person in charge of layout and construction at Nicklaus Design, so he would tell us a little about the process.  The Buenaventura golf course has become one of the most […]

The Creating Center’s first anniversary

365 days have gone by since a new academic center opened its doors in Buenaventura and we could not be happier with the results.   How many children can learn and experience the world as is? Much of the learning process happens outside the building for students, not within a classroom. Young children are running around, […]