Marine Lodge: Smart Way to Vacation

Featuring twenty-one 2-bedroom units, six 3-bedroom units, and two exclusive 4-bedroom penthouses, Marine Lodge provides a range of options for diverse lifestyles. More importantly, it delivers a hotel-type service, ensuring all the comforts with the added benefit of being available for rent under the tourist PH law—an exceptional advantage in today’s market.

Ask the CEO – Buenaventura Rentals

We had the privilege of speaking with Diego Vallarino, CEO of Grupo VerdeAzul, about Buenaventura Rentals. He shared his thoughts on what differentiates the company from others and its benefits to both property owners and tenants. Let’s dive into the conversation: 1. What sets Buenaventura Rentals apart from other property managers?    Diego Vallarino: Buenaventura Rentals […]

Property Management: “Buenaventura is a great investment opportunity in Panama.”

What began as a beach project 20 years ago is today the most complete amenity-based community in Panama and Central America. A variety of real estate developments for all tastes, but above all, a community that already reaches a thousand families, including Panamanians and foreigners. “Buenaventura is also an investment destination. We are seeking to […]

New projects, new opportunities.

Grupo VerdeAzul presented two new real estate developments in Buenaventura: Península Sur and Riverside. After the commercial success of the housing projects in Buenaventura such as Marina Village, Velamar, and Fairways, Grupo VerdeAzul launched two new projects: Riverside and Península Sur. These developments will be built in lots of optimized footage and with characteristics designed […]

“It is our responsibility to be on duty 24/7”

Alejandro Rivera is one of the few that knows Buenaventura since the beginning. He is responsible for maintenance and administration of the PH and has spent the last 18 years making sure that the complex looks neat and radiant.  “I started working in Buenaventura in October of 2003. First I was in charge of common […]

Why choose Buenaventura Property Management?

One of the issues that we have focused on in Buenaventura is maintaining a high standard of upkeep for the common areas in the property to conserve the harmony of the space and elevate the value of the land we invested in.  The experience that we have as a group both at the real estate […]