Golfing and Fishing: Panama Offers the Best in the Region

Few regional projects can offer as much in one place as Buenaventura does. One of the main attractions for foreigners coming to the country is golf and fishing (and we could also mention adventures to some of the more than 1,000 islands that are part of Panamanian territory, but we’ll save that for another occasion). […]

Long live the Zoo!

Our Zoo is renowned for its commitment to educating visitors through engaging activities entertaining families and friends. From learning about animals to listening to experts share their stories or participating in artistic activities, our goal extends beyond enjoyment to spreading awareness messages that we can apply to our lives.

The MINSA has officially recognized the Buenaventura Zoo.

El Minsa le otorga reconocimiento oficial al Zoo de Buenaventura

This story began 30 years ago when Mrs. Adriana de Vallarino built a farm “with chickens and roosters so they could have fresh eggs,” she recalled. Then, during the winters, a small lagoon formed where ducks and Wichi Chi arrived. The vision was always to care for the animals that arrived, such as the chicks […]

 Marine Lodge: Smart Way to Vacation

Featuring twenty-one 2-bedroom units, six 3-bedroom units, and two exclusive 4-bedroom penthouses, Marine Lodge provides a range of options for diverse lifestyles. More importantly, it delivers a hotel-type service, ensuring all the comforts with the added benefit of being available for rent under the tourist PH law—an exceptional advantage in today’s market.

Criollo’s latest culinary offering

The menu invites you to savor the finest local and global cuisine, incorporating typical ingredients and shaping Buenaventura into an emerging gastronomic destination.

The reinvention of El Faro

el faro buenaventura

“Traditionally, El Faro was associated with a menu of snacks and two great icons that guests and residents have always enjoyed: fried fish and paellas. After listening to their recommendations, we wanted to renew certain dishes and include more local raw materials,” commented Jhonny Quintero, Buenaventura Restaurant Manager. The idea is to give diners a […]