Five gastronomic options to celebrate Father’s Day in Buenaventura

If something stands out in Buenaventura, it is its wide gastronomic offer. Varied, delicious, and surprising. From traditional and typical cuisine to dishes with Asian influences but with a local touch. And since Father’s Day is coming, we wanted to inquire a little about the ‘specials’ available to enjoy a good family moment and celebrate […]

Anglers get their boats ready for the second Trusted Advisors fishing tournament

There was a lot of expectation for the first tournament and they were all fulfilled. The Buenaventura Marina hosted an event in which 30 boats, 136 fishermen, and more than half a thousand people participated actively in the closing event. “A resounding success and much of that success was due to the support of sponsors […]

The Sports Club grows and continues to seek to improve the experience of its members.

Sport is one of the great pillars of the development of Buenaventura and especially of its community. Golf, tennis, runners, and now paddle players have developed small communities of fans who meet periodically to practice together. Part of this development is in the hands of Juan Pablo Aguilera. ‘Coco’ as he is known, is constantly […]

A world-class tennis camp

Enthusiasm is the best adjective to define the experience that tennis players of all ages had with the Equelite teachers, the academy of former world number 1: Juan Carlos Ferrero.

Buenaventura expands toward the west

Continuing with the master plan outlined a few years ago, Buenaventura begins a new process of expansion and land development to the north and west of the border with the Río Chico.

Dunas, the summer spot in Buenaventura

The way to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the beach has changed. Dunas officially opened its doors to the entire community and residents and guests immediately transformed it into their favorite spot to enjoy the sunset with good music, cocktails, and partying.

A bridge unites the community

Puntarena is aptly called the social heart of Buenaventura. This is one of the community meeting centers with a wide gastronomic and social offer. Since its inauguration, the Buenaventura Marina was always planned to connect to Puntarena through a pedestrian bridge that would allow short and direct access to this area. This December the bridge […]

Buenaventura is preparing for summer

“Your safety is our responsibility.” The slogan clearly expresses the purpose of the PH administration: to take care of each person within Buenaventura. At times with imperceptible actions such as the permanent presence of the ambulance that to date has treated more than 350 people and referred 15 patients to the nearest medical centers. “We […]

Property Management: “Buenaventura is a great investment opportunity in Panama.”

What began as a beach project 20 years ago is today the most complete amenity-based community in Panama and Central America. A variety of real estate developments for all tastes, but above all, a community that already reaches a thousand families, including Panamanians and foreigners. “Buenaventura is also an investment destination. We are seeking to […]