A harmonious and relaxing space for residents

Opening the door of the Spa is enough to begin to feel a different energy. The kindness that emanates from each of the people who are at the reception is only the first step toward what will come later. The Corotú Spa is located in the heart of Buenaventura and it has also earned a […]

Works on the main road

Since last summer, the PH Administration has been implementing a campaign called “Safe Community”. An initiative that seeks to socialize and raise awareness about the norms and regulations and the importance of respecting traffic rules within our space. With good results during the high season, the campaign is active again, especially now that the widening […]

The Board of Directors approves the paving of the main road of Buenaventura.

Work is expected to begin in June and includes widening the asphalt layer from six to nine meters.   On March 30 in the Ordinary Assembly, the street resurfacing project was approved in its first phase. The first phase will be on Calle Principal, from the roundabout at the service checkpoint to the roundabout with […]

The joy of the hunt returned to Buenaventura

Children once again enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt on April 16th. Entire families gathered at the hotel’s Corotú to accompany the little ones in their search. On April 16th we once again celebrated the traditional Buenaventura Egg Hunt after two years of not being able to happen. Dozens of children accompanied by their families attended […]

“Cleaning the material, drying it, separating it, disposing of it correctly, and taking it to the recycling point has a tremendous impact on the community and the environment.”

Iván Rodriguez, from Trashforma, understands that although there is still a long way to go to generate a culture of recycling in the country, the mere fact of implementing the practice of recycling at home can have a tremendous impact on the environment. “Every day the material is collected from the Buenaventura collection center and […]

Reforestation and preservation….

These are the key concepts when talking about how trees are one of the pillars in the development of the ecosystem of the flora and fauna of Buenaventura. Remigio González talks to us about the history and the impact these have had on the environment. If there is something that characterizes Buenaventura is the different […]

Electric mobility now in Buenaventura

With the installation of the first two chargers by the Evergo company, Buenaventura fully enters the era of electric mobility, ensuring the supply and peace of mind necessary for those who want to travel from the city in their cars. The biggest challenge for electric mobility today is that of the charging infrastructure. One of […]

“Our purpose will always be to offer moments full of fun and joy”

Summer camps have become an icon in Buenaventura. Children and adolescents enjoy various activities for several days creating friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. “We are proud to hear that La Escondida in Buenaventura “has become a tradition,” a comfortable and safe alternative for children that gives parents peace of mind.” Marielena Rivas […]

The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort the meeting point of the community

Víctor Concepción Peren, General Manager of the Hotel, shared his vision with us of these ‘new times’, how the hotel has become the point of connection within the community and the immediate plans to modernize. “We have invested more than a million dollars in the renovation of the rooms, that shows the trust that we […]